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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

free Business Directories and yellow pages

Yellow Pages has a long history, that goes back a century or so, in 1883, when a printer in Wyoming simply ran out of white paper and started using yellow paper instead for business listings. Yellow Pages comprise a directory that lists various industries according to their generic categories, instead of being listed alphabetically, which often caused confusion in the past. Just as the name suggests, this directory is published on pages that are yellow instead of white. Though originally this name was reserved for all kinds of commercial listings on paper, now it is also extended to include online listings and directories of businesses. The name, one must remember has a trademark in the United Kingdom. In the USA and several other countries this name has not been trademarked and hence is used freely by many directories and phone companies to publish and edit commercial listings. Almost 75 telephone directories use the online address of "Yellow Pages". In many countries, these directories are named slightly differently to avoid issues of trademark. In Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic some several other European nations these directories are called "Golden Pages". In several countries, they are called silver pages, town pages or rainbow pages. All these names reserve the same meaning: a commercial directory where one finds not only listings of different categories of business but also commercial advertisements. Typical Yellow Pages comprises of a comprehensive listing of all the businesses located within a given area according to the similarities among certain business categories, which are then listed alphabetically for better reference and faster use. Generally, such directories are published by telephone companies but due to the profitability of such books, several private companies have also invested in this line of business, often publishing directories that target certain demographic groups. A business directory collates its information from several services. Often in the case of public directories that are published by local phone companies, using their own customer listings and information, listings issued by phone service providers are also used. Owners of businesses that use services other than the local phone company must ensure that their listings are updated in the upcoming directories. The listings within these directories are done based on location, size and kind of activity and may be either compiled manually, or using certain software online. The procedure to publish an advertisement in one of these phone business directories is simple. In most cases, an advertisement assistant hailing from the selected directory would assist the company to create its own design and then put it up for proof copy and review. The billing in all such cases is either done prior to printing of the advertisement in the directory or after the printing, but within the contract period, which usually extends for 12 months. Though the use of print directories has been of much use to companies and businesses for several decades, their usage is on the decline, since most of the current users are opting for online directories that provide much faster and easier access. This is the reason why most directory companies have come up with online versions for their more tech savvy users. A local business listing provides several types of information for its users like, name address, contact details, type of service or goods provided by the company, the area extent of its service, related associations, etc. Certain directories also provide separate space for comments and feedback for its users for better and improved service. Several of these directories, besides providing the premium listings also keep space for additional and complimentary listings that are much more comprehensive and hence more useful. You may now list your business with any of these directories or the pages with unparalleled ease since, most of these directories have online versions where publishing your own advertisements becomes much simpler. These are however mere search facilities and must not be confused with search engines, since they do not publish information on the basis of keywords, but categories and subsections of various kinds of businesses. These directories are available in both hard copies and digital formats, enhancing access and promoting ease of distribution. However, there is a lot of controversy on the quality and content of these online or digital versions of directories. Some believe that there has been some amount of trade-off between cost effectiveness and quality of online directories in the past. Furthermore, there are surveys that point to the fact that small business enterprises still opt for the print directories instead of the online versions. However, several public interest groups rally against the printed versions of theses directories since they are of the opinion that printed directories waste paper and are hence not environment friendly. There are several advantages of online or electronic directories, the prime among which is the fact that these directories can be automatically and easily updated in real time meaning, one does not have to wait for the once in a year updating process of print versions. The interaction between buyers and suppliers is what the local search for directories for business listings is all about. There are several kinds of directories available in the market, that amplify this interaction, the most common example being, a shopping directory. These searches result in extensive listings of businesses that are grouped together based on certain homogeneities. The listings are exhaustive and provide multiple choices within the same sub-category that enhances the chances of profit maximization by the competing business firms. These days B2B directory is also gaining popularity, which forms a single line of interaction between manufacturers and wholesalers and then wholesalers and retailers. These directories provide exhaustive information for business dealers wherein, each is looking for raw materials, dealerships, partnerships and collaborations to enhance business performance. These directories are not used by consumers but the firms that require assistance in the penultimate stages of the production process. Such directories are generally used in the marketing of goods and services that require the interaction of several business categories. 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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Moradabad exporters smile, cautiously

Moradabad: Some workers have gone to offer their Friday namaz; others have stepped out for lunch. A few are sleeping on the floor. But looks can be deceptive. These are extremely busy days at C L Gupta Exports Ltd, a sprawling factory on NH-24 that makes and exports giftware worldwide.
    “Since January 2012, our workforce has grown from 1,600 to 1,850. By the end of September, we will add another 150 workers. We are targeting a 20% growth in business,” says Raghav Gupta, the company’s managing director. Fellow exporter Mohammed Mansoor is equally buoyant. “We are on a 
good wicket right now,” he says. That’s not all. Over a dozen exporters from this western Uttar Pradesh town are currently in Frankfurt attending a trade fair and shopping for customers.
    One man’s poison is another man’s meat, goes an old saying. At a time when many industries are agonizing over the fall in rupee, the same reason is cause for cheer in Moradabad. That’s because a cheaper rupee translates into higher profit margins and increased business for most exporters. “About 70% of our market is abroad,” estimates Satpal, general secretary, Moradabad Handicrafts Exporters Association (MHEA).
    But the optimism of expor
ters doesn’t really spring from the currency’s recent free-fall from Rs 55.52 (May 22) to Rs 66.19 (Aug 26) per dollar. Deals for many exports for the forthcoming Christmas and New Year’s market, they say, were signed around May or earlier for Rs 50 or a little more. The bigger reason is that for over a year and half the rupee has gradually depreciated against major international currencies such as dollar, pound and euro, which has helped growth in export-oriented businesses. Most exporters also admit that both volumes and profits will further grow in the coming months when fresh bookings are made for next year’s Easter season.
    Nonetheless, Gupta also points out that profits can never be too high because Indian exporters don’t control the trade. “We operate in a buyer’s market because there’s stiff internal competition amongexporters. China too is a rival. Buyers have plenty of options. For fresh orders, I am sure, they will ask for 
discounts,” he says. Mansoor cautions, “We must not forget the macro factors. We import a lot of our material such as copper, glass, paints, which are becoming costlier. That apart the prices of diesel, gas and electricity have soared, even shipping is becoming more expensive. Besides, a currency’s volatility is never good for business.”
    There are about 600 exporters in Moradabad, says Satpal. Of them, 285 are MHEA members. A total of four lakh workers earn their livelihood making candle stands, flower vases, table top items, shoe racks, umbrella stands and decorative figurines in their factories as well as 3,000 ancillary units.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Indian manufacturing gets currency boost

For about a decade, Indian electrical companies have been importing 16- inch table, pedestal and wall ( TPW) fans from China and marketing these in India, under their respective brand names. The reason: importing from China was cheaper than manufacturing these in India. China had the obvious advantages of economies of scale, cheap labour and a favourable currency. However, with the rupee depreciating 14 per cent this year and the Chinese currency, the yuan, appreciating 2.4 per cent to 6.09 a dollar, the pattern has started changing. About a year ago, electrical goods maker Havells India set up a TPW manufacturing plant in the country; this was the first such plant set up in the country in about a decade. “ We could foresee a correction in the Indian currency,” says Sunil Sikka, president, Havells India. “ About a year ago, when we started, we were at a slight disadvantage to our peers who were importing; now, we are at an advantageous position,” he says. For other electrical goods such as induction heaters, too, new manufacturing plants are being set up in India. “ We still have labour arbitrage, as it is cheaper than China. So, once scale is achieved, our import will shift from finished goods to specific parts and raw material,” Sikka says. Indian companies manufacturing induction heaters are still importing the glass needed for these products. However, this accounts for less than 10 per cent of the total production. To cater to developed markets in Europe, Havells acquired Frankfurt- headquartered Sylvania for $ 300 million in 2007. After the financial crisis of 2008, the company shut two of its five manufacturing plants in Europe and set up a joint venture manufacturing plant in China to supply LED products to Sylvania. About a year ago, the company set up a manufacturing plant for lighting fixtures in Neemrana, Rajasthan, to supply to Sylvania. Earlier, the company sourced lighting fixtures from Costa Rica and France. “India is a new sourcing hub for our European operations,” says Sikka. The company exports products worth ₹ 5- 6 crore every month and expects to double this in the next six months. The garment industry, too, is gearing up to avail of the new advantages over China. Raymond, the company best known for selling branded textile for men’s suits, plans to increase exports fourfold in the next five years, as the domestic market faces a relative slowdown. “ If I look at global manufacturing destinations for sourcing, India has improved its competitive position dramatically, especially in relation to China,” says Sanjay Behl, chief executive officer of Raymond, referring to the fact that wages in China have been growing faster than in India. The eight- decade- old company believes in its targeted markets, trade policies for import are being structured more in favour of India compared to China. According to the company’s estimates, India now exports $ 40 billion (about ₹ 2 lakh crore) worth of textiles a year. In 2012- 13, Raymond’s export revenue was about ₹ 250 crore. The company plans to invest about ₹ 1,000 crore through the next five years, primarily to augment capacities. Behl said the rise in capacity would help the company emerge as a major global exporter in the men’s wear and worsted textiles segments. “The depreciation of the rupee alone has not helped; it is also the appreciation of the yuan that has helped India become more attractive an export hub,” says Rakesh Shah, co- chairman ( foreign trade committee), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. “ Today, we have an export advantage where we have our own raw material.” However, he points to the fact that China still has an advantage, in terms of manufacturing lowengineering, high- volume products due to economies of scale. But India has an obvious advantage in exporting smaller- volume products that require engineering input. Traditionally, India’s forging and automobile component industry has come under this segment and has benefited from the export market. “With the weak rupee and poor demand in the domestic markets, automobile component makers are concentrating on export markets,” says S G Joglekar, chief financial officer at Pune- based Bharat Forge. The company exports niche products for the automobile industry and doesn’t face much competition from China. “ Our exports to North America and Europe are doing better than the domestic markets; we plan to sweat the existing assets to our advantages for export,” he says. way2rading.Com is a leading B2B portal through which you can get updated information about indian manufacturers and indian suppliers. To know more about our services, visit manufacturers directory.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to Find a genuine buyer for your product

High security system for manufacturers and supplier from fraud buyer
Every body know we are using internet , if some body need something he will search on google , google is a search engine and many search engine available on net, bing etc , but most popular google . google is providing difrent searvice wich is very help full for our business like local listing map making etc.when we search a buyer or manufacturers related company on google so many search result will come , also we will found so many company and many product ,but we can’t justu fay that company or product a genuine company or not ,that’s way some organasition lunch a site that name is b2b portals or b2b marketplace  for, etc , in b2b site many function and many future for buyer and sealer ,
i explain you some future for

manufacturers ex-there are future product, any company can register free of cost ,there are manufacturers directory and suppliers directory , and product showcase ,email alert sms alert  the future of email alort and sms alert. When some buyer will post his buying requerment in that site , one sms and one email will go to that related manufactures mobile and email , that is very help full for know  the requerment instanced.also all b2b company will providing very secure business and verification process.  All b2b company also providing all promosanal activity advatiesment and webpage design seo many more which is need for every manufacturers and also for buyer every  manufacturers can post and publish his product on b2b site according to his business related categories .in b2b site many catagories like agrictuler, apparel,textile,many more if you need more information you can go to

For buyer: this is most important part in b2b site also for all manufacturers , when some on make a product he need to sale that but who to sale . he need to some sorce for saling who will buy his product .but most important part is how his buying his product .is he a genuine buyer or not? One b2b company solve this problem , he his lunch his high security verification with all legal document verify cation  system it will be very safe for manufacturers and suppliers . this site is high importance for indian manufacturers and indian suppliers . ansy company can esylu do his business with this site for mare informstion go to www.way2trading,com

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Online Directory - A Platform For Both Manufacturers and Consumers

           indian manufacturersindian suppliersindian manufacturermanufacturers directory

Indian manufacturers directory brings both manufacturers and buyers or consumers together in one platform. Buyers are allowed to choose their required products from the volley of items available in the online directory. It is an inexhaustible directory which is used by consumers world wide.
Manufacturers of different products can not only find their competitors and their products but also advertise their own products. It is a platform to interact and negotiate with sellers and buyers. It offers buyers a tool to search products and its various competitors, compare rates and then buy based on the product rates. You can procure your items online.
Products found online range from textiles, electrical products, drugs, chemicals, machinery, handicrafts, hosiery, printing and packaging, hand-woven garments, embroidered material, shawls, decorative items. The manufacturing sector of India has been continuously showing a growth pattern and has extensively contributed to the GDP of India. With an online directory of manufacturers you are able to buy directly from any company in the world and have the best purchase price of your guild. This also allows you to export your products abroad in foreign markets in large scale and increase your sales. If you are a buyer and looking for reliable Indian producers in different sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical and scientific instruments to textiles, handicrafts, food & beverages then you can find them easily online.
Buyers have a greater scope of purchasing and comparing products in the world wide market. They can access products of the global market and have wider choice of the international products.

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